10 Badass Kitchen Designs For a Bachelor

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Having your own bachelor pad is an awesome thing! Not a lot of men get that kind of freedom. But hey, if you are going to live there for quite some time, why don’t you do some decorating and show off your personality? Whether you prefer a minimalist design, a vintage style, a bold or contemporary look, here are 10 badass manly kitchen designs you need to see right now. Scroll down and keep reading.

The Charming Manly Kitchen

Charming Manly Kitchen
Source: Instagram

Sometimes, people think men only like dark or ultra-modern kitchen designs that scream “I’m a man.” However, that isn’t always the case. A manly kitchen should also feel homey and inviting. This charming space is proof of that with its brilliantly mixed antique brass, nickel, and iron or black finishes. The paint color also provides a beautiful contrast to the whole room.

Don’t you just love this design?

The Industrial Manly Kitchen

Industrial Manly Kitchen
Source: Instagram

A dark kitchen is not only beautiful. It also displays your character, and can actually make your bachelor pad cozier and warmer. This particular manly kitchen makes excellent use of the floating shelves up top, while letting its black and brick look shine. Many designers will agree that brick walls with definitely complement and contrast the room (or kitchen) design elements. You can actually go for an industrial or rustic design, without it looking too shabby.

This manly kitchen is also not too complicated. It has all the essentials you’d need in a kitchen, minus the other complicated spaces. You can just prep your food and go.

A Sleek and Modern Space

Modern Space interior
Source: Instagram

Not all manly kitchens are created equal. Some like it dark, but some also like it clean, bright, and sparkly. This particular kitchen is proof of masterpiece home living! While there is the impression that the kitchen is the domain of women, that is far from reality today. There are actually many chefs and even self-sufficient bachelors who enjoy their time in the kitchen. The men of the kitchen would definitely appreciate a modern and spacious room, with a sleek style that will motivate them to get to work.

Marble countertops provide a touch of luxury, and the beautiful combination of white and gray makes this manly kitchen stunning! The mini bar below the counter is also a great addition to this wonderful room!

A Manly Kitchen That Can Set The Mood

dark manly kitchen
Source: Instagram

Who would refuse a glass of wine in this sleek and luxurious kitchen?

This manly kitchen is not just stylish. It speaks to a man’s heart because of its clean lines, luxurious textures, and neutral colors. It also has an open floor plan so it just perfectly blends with the design of the rest of the space.

You’d probably impress all your other friends or your woman by having a kitchen like this. There’s no doubt it even gives your charm plus points. The vibe of the space already sets the mood!

5 Shades of Gray

Gray kitchen design
Source: Instagram

Here’s the thing: hiding the bulky appliances into the wall makes this minimalist manly kitchen seem that much more orderly. On top of that, you can see that home entertaining was the heart of this design. Don’t you just like to lounge around this kitchen on a Saturday afternoon with your friends?

The gray tones and the sleek design are beautifully combined, and it still has a window to let light into this otherwise “gray” kitchen. The result is a modern, bright, and comfortable kitchen.

Wood is the Way to Go

modern kitchen designs for a modern home
Source: Instagram

This may be underrated, but a wood kitchen is a sleek kitchen. This one boasts authentic wood textures in dark oak and sandstone Riva doors. On the other hand, the dark accentuations lend radiance to the natural-colored surfaces in the sandstone effect.

There is also a figure cut island so you can easily come in and out of the space. It blends perfectly with the other spaces in the home. A bachelor who wants a homey ambiance would definitely fall in love with this manly kitchen design!

A Good Ensemble

modern kitchen with wood
Source: Instagram

There’s just something about this manly kitchen that makes it both homey yet sophisticated. The black tones used in the countertop and lights make the kitchen bold. On the other hand, the wood texture and sleek white cabinetry sorts of balances its strong design. Don’t you think this ensemble is something to behold?

The kitchen itself is a visual presentation.

A Kitchen With a Warm Pop of Color

white kitchen
Source: Instagram

Sometimes, the smallest details can make the biggest impact. In this case, the finishing touches that make this manly kitchen truly superb are the copper pendant lights. It matches the sleek white cabinets and natural features of this kitchen. It is more like combining the old with the new, and the result is a beautiful space with a warm pop of color. The woodwork in the ceiling and the lights are the “old” features, but it looks perfect with the much more modern features of the kitchen.

The Manly Kitchen For Show-Stopping Dinner Preparations

modern kitchen
Source: Instagram

If you are a chef who likes to integrate the dining room with the manly kitchen, this design is perfect for you! The space allows for show-stopping dinner preparation, and we are sure the guests who came over will appreciate you cooking for them. The choice of cabinets and lights also brings the elegance of this kitchen a notch higher.

The Block Kitchen

Kitchen Ideas for Men
Source: Instagram

If you are leaning towards a more industrial design for your manly kitchen, this might provide good inspiration. It is very simple and unpretentious because it just brings together all the essential solutions you’d need when preparing for a hearty breakfast. It is not exactly the best design when you want to entertain friends, but it will do just fine if you prefer keeping to yourself in your bachelor pad.

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