104yr Old WW2 Veteran defeated Covid-19 (VIDEO)

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Bill Lapschies seen after defeating covid-19.

Say hello to Bill Lapschies. He is the 104yr old WW2 veteran who has defeated Covid-19. Not only that, but Bill has lived through the Spanish Flu of 1918, lived through World War 1, and served in World War 2. This makes Bill one of the only people on planet Earth to live through two world wars and two pandemics.

Bill contracted the virus at his nursing home in Oregon in early March. His family was naturally worried because as we all know, this specific virus is very hard on older patients, especially those over 70. However, this wasn’t your normal 104yr old man. This is Bill fucking Lapschies, the man who lived through two world wars, and now two pandemics. If anyone over the age of 100 was going to beat this virus, it would be ol’ Bill.

A few days after Bill was officially declared recovered, he had his 104th birthday party. His family honored him by throwing a distant birthday bash, involving Bills favorite, cake. These types of men just don’t get produced nearly as much as they once use to. This dude is not only a mans man, but he may be the GOAT of defeating lifes toughest threats. We salute you Mr. Lapschies. Hell, Bill reminds us a bit of the the tortoise Diego who saved his entire species at the ripe age of 100 by banging a few female turtles much younger than him. Once again, hats off to Bill Lapschies, the 104yr old WW2 veteran who defeated covid-19.

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