5 Celebrities Who Are Driving Ordinary Cars

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Celebrities are basically superstars. They enjoy a lavish lifestyle, drive a hot ride, and enjoy fun and fancy parties every now and then. But it’s wrong to assume that these famous people only care about impressing people. There are still some who prefer not to lay their hands on the most expensive things. For instance, we have a list of celebrities with ordinary cars. Continue reading to see if you find anyone who will surprise you!

Leonardo DiCaprio

Okay, first of all, Leonardo looks like a normal man who just got himself a Chinese takeout. Given that he is a widely recognized actor who has starred in some of the biggest films, you might be wondering why he’s driving a Toyota Prius. The actor is actually an environmental advocate, so that might be a factor why he’s seen riding this car. The electric car is marketed as a reliable means of transportation, but it’s not like they have DiCaprio included in their target market.

The gorgeous American actor starred in major films such as Titanic, Wolf of Wall Street, The Revenant, Inception, and more. He has an estimated net worth of $260 million.

Of course, we think he’s got a more extravagant car hidden somewhere. Maybe he just prefers to do simple errands with his little Prius.

Chris Pine

Chris Pine what car is he driving
Source: Just Jared

Chris Pine is definitely one of the most gorgeous “Chris-es” in the movie industry (together with Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans). It’s cool that he is driving a Honda S2000 because he seems the type to really enjoy the simple things in life. The Honda S2000 is renowned for its exceptional specific power output of about 124 hp per liter, which is the highest of any mass production, naturally aspirated engined cars. Great choice, Chris Pine!

He’s probably on his way to the gym to get buffed when this photo was taken back in 2009.

Gwen Stefani

You are probably lying if you say you’ve never danced to a Gwen Stefani song before (Yes, her jam is perfect for any gender). The popstar is an American singer and songwriter who belted out hits such as The Sweet Escape, Wind It Up, and Hollaback Girl. She has dazzling looks and striking vocals that already seem like the perfect package. On top of all that, she has a 2014 Honda Odyssey, which is a practical minivan that exudes family friendliness. Would you have guessed that she is one of the celebrities with ordinary cars? We sure hope she didn’t have any transmission problem with her car (which the model got into heat for) before!

Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis honda
Source: Honda

Once upon a time, Jamie Lee Curtis got ahold of a Honda FCX Clarity (of only 200), which was leased out to the California customers. This model acted as a testbed for the fuel cell technology for the current Clarity fuel-cell car. It’s just cool that the “Scream Queen” who appeared in a string of horror films would have this car. Well, some accounts say that the only stayed in the Honda territory for a while, or for at least 36 months.

Her net worth is estimated to be $60 million dollars.

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson cool ford truck
Source: Instagram

Is it just us? Or do you also think that The Rock’s personality is fitting for a badass monster truck with literal flaming hot designs instead of a Ford Raptor? No offense because the Ford truck is a fine ride, too, but we’re just thinking about his image. He would also look mighty amazing one of the badass custom pick up trucks! Well, after his debut from the wrestling land into the world of acting, it’s probably safe to say that the man is unpredictable. The Rock owns a Ford Truck and it’s probably because he can’t really fit into the smaller and sleeker sports cars. Still, the Ford Truck is a fantastic choice! After all, he’s using this to get to this private jet.

Dwayne Johnson is known for starring in films such as Fast & Furious, San Andreas, Rampage, Tooth Fairy, and more.

Do you know other celebrities with ordinary cars? Share it with us in the comments below!

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