5-Year Old Steals Parents Car, Tries To Drive To California To Purchase A Lamborghini (VIDEO)

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A man’s connection to cars is pretty fascinating. You can say that one sees the vehicle as an extension of himself. With this, they tend to develop a personal liking to cars that evoke a certain power, freedom, and adventure. Of course, the obvious draw that pulls people toward cars doesn’t just concern men. It attracts the little ones too! In this case, the force is strong with this kid buying a Lamborghini.

A Kid on a Mission

Last May 5, a Utah Highway Patrol (UHP) trooper got quite a shock when he pulled over the driver of a slowly-swerving SUV on the freeway in Utah, United States. After calling out the man with his siren, he expected an impaired driver to appear when the windows came down. But to his surprise, it was just a 5-year old kid behind the wheel who was out on a mission.

Apparently, the boy took his parent’s car to go to his sister’s house in California. The boy explained that he had an argument with his mother who refused to buy him a Lamborghini car. Visibly upset, the kid set off to purchase his own luxury car instead.

The Driver Is Just a Little Short on Money to Buy His Dream Car

utah trooper catches 5-year old kid buying a lamborghini
Source: Youtube

Despite experiencing visibility issues while driving the SUV, the kid seemed pretty persistent to buy his dream car. He had difficulty reaching the foot pedals, yet somehow, he still managed to drive for several miles before being caught and pulled over.

The trooper said, “He was sitting on the front edge of his seat so he could reach the brake pedal.” He’s one Lambo-motivated kid, alright.

Unsurprisingly, the authorities explained that the boy might be a little short on cash to purchase a Lambo, let alone a miniature model because he only had $3 in his wallet. On the bright side, he’s just about a few hundred-grand short.

We guess he’s not going to make the headline about a kid buying a Lamborghini in the way he hoped it would be.

A Pretty Reckless (And Scary) Situation

kid buying a Lamborghini Utah funny news
Source: Twitter

The boy without driving experience made it from 17th and Lincoln in Ogden down to the 25th St off-ramp SB I-15. That’s both impressive and scary! It’s a good thing no one was hurt. If the kid had driven much further, who knows what would have happened?

The troopers helped the boy contact his parents, who immediately rushed to the scene. The parents were both at work when the boy took off, but they are thankful that the authorities were able to stop him. They left after being given a lecture, though. The troopers advised the parents to keep a closer eye on their child, and it was the same advice offered to other parents and guardians.

From a Kid Buying a Lamborghini to a Kid Riding a Lamborghini

You can’t deny that a story of a kid attempting to buy his own luxury car is pretty fascinating. But the story doesn’t end there. Here’s where the story gets much more interesting. The kid managed to snag a special Lamborghini adventure just a day after being pulled over by the authorities!

A guy by the name of Jeremy Neves visited the boy and his family, and offered the young one a ride in his matte black V10 Lamborghini Huracan.

He was amazed by the boy’s dedication to buy the supercar. It’s so ironic. The boy’s dream car drove to him instead. Check out this video:

It was the boy’s first time riding a Lamborghini. As you can see from the video, he was really thrilled. It’s not everyday a stranger comes knocking on your door to offer you a ride on his badass car. Well, the kid took advantage of that opportunity and he even instructed Jeremy to “go fast.”

We’ve all been there – getting into a fight with our parents for not buying us what we want. But this kid sure is pretty ballsy! If I was the 5-year old kid who wanted a Lambo, I’d probably be just stuck watching cool videos of it on Youtube. And it doesn’t hurt if someone comes in to give me a taste of my dream. That would be rad.

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