A Porsche with 1200 Horsepower Destroys A Pack Of Motorcycles, including a Hayabusa

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Engine bay of the 1200 horsepower Porsche.

In this video, we witness a Porsche with 1200 horsepower absolutely destroy a pack of race hungry crotch rockets. The porsche not only has 1200 horsepower, but also twin turbos. You can learn more about that HERE. Remember our article about the 1969 Camaro with two 427 engines? Yea, that thing wouldn’t stand a chance against this Porsche.

Check it out down in the That Racing Channel video below as the Porsche not only keeps up with, but destroys a pack of motorcycles who wanted to do a little playing around. You have to color me impressed by how easy this Porsche driver makes it look, blasting around out there with some lightweight bikes! What would it take to keep up with the Porsche? I guess that throwing some more boost or nitrous into the equation is the only way to find out!

At one point, we see the souped up Porsche obliterate a fully decked out Hayabusa. You know that Hayabusa owner was thinking there is no way a car can beat a bike, just not possible. But then the impossible happens as the Porsche 1200 (my new nickname for the Porsche with 1200 horsepower) makes the Hayabusa look like a Vespa.

Be careful what you wish for, bikers, because you might just get that and more!

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