A Texas Zoo Will Name a Rat After Your Ex and Feed It To a Snake on Valentine’s Day

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A snake pictured for the Texas Zoo that will feed a rat you name to snakes.
LifeOnWhite via Deposit Photos

The San Antonio Zoo of Texas has come up with an extremely clever way to get back at your Ex and also raise money for the zoo. The zoo will allow you to purchase a rat and name it after your Ex-lover. Then, you get to see it be eaten by a snake either in person or online via a live stream.

This coming Friday is indeed Valentines day. However, it’s not a romantic day for everyone. Some people have just gotten out of a serious relationship. Some people were cheated on, or whatever. That’s where the San Antonio Zoo comes in. On a somewhat viral Facebook post of theirs, they are willing to let you purchase a rat or cockroach and watch via a live stream as it gets eaten. Talk about revenge on your ex!

For just $25 you can purchase a rat and give it a name, preferably that of your ex. You don’t even have to live in San Antonio or Texas for that matter. The entire event will be live streamed on Facebook.

If paying $25 for a rat to be eaten is a bit much for you, don’t worry. The zoo is also offering cockroaches for $5 each. These will be fed to a bird or another animal such as a lizard, iguana or even a tarantula. Nothing says payback like watching a cockroach named after your ex be eaten by a tarantula.

The Facebook post created by the Zoo is getting a lot of mixed reviews. Some people are either totally for it or totally against it. One user wrote ” You make me SICK !!!what sort of a DEPRAVED mind thinks up something like this that just PROMOTES the sadistic side of humans??.It had best NOT be live feeding !!!you make me sick.” The San Antonio Zoo responded by saying rats and cockroaches are fed every single day to animals. They also said this isn’t a change at all in their methods and it’s completely normal.

On the other side, some people are extremely excited to donate to the Zoo to help improve the facility as it is sort of a fund raiser. One person commented “COOL! Should be very popular!” Another person chimed in with “Hahahaha this is fantastic I hope they do this every year!”

Whether you are for it or against it, please let us know by commenting below!

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