An Oklahoma Man Built A House On A Pond That Has A Fishing Hole In The Living Room.

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Meet Paul Phillips, an Oklahoma man who built a house on a pond and made every fisherman’s dream home.

An Oklahoma man built a house on a pond. That mans name is Paul Phillips, a contractor from Skiatook Oklahoma. His vision for a dream home is a little “unusual” to say the least. Paul, like many grown men, loves fishing. As a matter of fact, he loves it so much, he built his home over a custom built pond. After that, he decided fishing from the front porch wasn’t enough.

Paul said, and I quote: “Fishing off of your back porch is great and all, but what if you could do it in your living room?”. With this in mind, Paul made that happen. He created a hole in his living room. Hook line and sinker. Now Paul can go fishing while dinner is cooking (could be fish) or watching some television.

A lot of us dream of having a place on a lake, or even having your own stocked pond. But, how many of you dream about having this home ON the pond. Notably with a hole in the living room so you can drop a line whenever you want. Let’s just hope he doesn’t get visited by the guy who took an alligator on a beer run.

The reason Paul wanted his own custom home with a fishing hold in the living room isn’t just for his love of fishing. It all started because he was fishing at Lake Oolagah and was told he could not fish in that location. Therefor, Paul decided he would create his own fishing hole, where no-one could tell him when or where he could or couldn’t fish.

Please watch the below video of Paul and his glorious home.

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