BREAKING NEWS: Outbreak of idiocy spreading 20,000 times faster than Coronavirus

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Houston, Texas – Leading scientists and doctors at the Johnson Space Center in Houston Texas have confirmed what we all thought. And that is, the outbreak of idiocy is spreading 20,000 times faster than the feared Coronavirus.

Dr. E. Normous Peter has confirmed that over 200,000 cases of being a misinformed dumb shit as ridiculous conspiracy theories circulate social media are in fact real. And that’s not all. Idiocy is spreading faster and is more contagious than anything the world has ever seen, or will ever see.

“We are seeing people become a complete moron during this infectious disease outbreak at alarming rates. This is much more viral and contagious than we had thought,” says Dr. E. Normous Peter. “Fact checking and fact resistance is abnormally high, especially in the age generation born after 1995.”

Hundreds of thousands of people were infected by a fake news report circulating on social media that the Coronavirus isn’t even real. Also there are reports of infections from an article that states the virus was man made. People are usually asymptomatic until they open their social media accounts to re-post these fake news stories and conspiracy theories.

Women selling essential oils claiming that these are miracle cures on Facebook have been quarantined, although new cases keep popping up daily.

“We are working extremely hard to find idiot zero, but it’s an extremely hard thing to do with all of the dumb asses running around out in the world. It’s almost as hard as realizing that washing your hands can help you kill bacteria and viruses that can harm you,” added Dr. E Normous Peter.

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