Dude builds a monster truck limo and it’s hilariously awesome (VIDEO)

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Jordon Foster's monster truck limo.

Say hello to the USS Compensator. It’s the worlds largest monster truck limo and it’s one of a kind. The creator of this massive beast is Jordon Fostor. He decided to build the monster truck limo because he wanted to make something no-one else had made before, and “Why not”. Jordon and his monster truck limo are located in the city of Keno, Oregon. Not only does Jordon take this thing off-road, but he also uses it in his every day life. That’s right folks, it’s 100% street legal.

The actual vehicle is a Lincoln town car limo. Jordon purchased it for a measly $1,200 bucks. When he bought it, naturally it didn’t run well. Jordon put in a new 4.6 liter engine, added an air ride system and military grade tires. It is officially the tallest limo in the world. He completed the entire project in just three months. Jordon says he had limited hand tools, a welder and plasma cutter, a grinder and an impactor. He also claims he only had a handful of wrenches. If all of this is true, bravo Jordon, bravo.

So how much money did he spend on all of this? This is a bit shocking, but he only spent around $10,000 total on the project. When asked why he chose to build this, his answer was a simple one. “Why not?” He says, “I’ve always wanted a limo, for a long time. I’ve always saw limos and thought they were great. Why not get one and create a monster truck out of it?” When asked about how the vehicle drives, Jordon says, “It’s like a cruise ship on choppy waters. The handling is very bad, turning is nearly impossible and I can’t go through most drive-thrus because I just don’t fit.” Which would you rather own, this monster truck limo or these, the worlds fastest go karts? You can also follow Jordon on instagram.

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