FIRST EVER GUN CAM Police Shooting. Vernon, Texas officer VS pedophile. (VIDEO)

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A suspected child molester from Texas has been found guilty of shooting a cop after what is believed to be the first-ever gun-mounted camera footage of an officer-involved shooting was introduced as evidence in court.

A jury in February found Walter Orellana, 24, guilty of opening fire on Vernon police Corporal T.J. Session and wounding him as he attempted to execute a felony arrest warrant in April 2019.

Orellana was found guilty of using deadly force against a police officer and sentenced to 40 years in prison after just 30 minutes of deliberation on February 13.

Viridian Weapons Technologies, the manufacturer of gun-mounted cameras deployed by the Vernon Police Department, stated that the case against Orellana hinged on the video from Session’s service weapon.

The company hailed the trial as an historic event and boasted that it was the world’s first-ever officer-involved shooting to be captured by a gun camera, reported Texomas Homepage. 

Video released by the tech manufacturer shows the officer approach Orellana sitting in his car on April 27, 2019, in Vernon, Texas.

The initial portion of the video comes from Session’s body camera, before he drew his weapon and activated the camera mounted on it. 

Session is seen confronting Orellana and asking if his name is Walter. The suspect gives a false name and pretends as if he does not know why the officer is talking to him. 

Moments later, he reaches for his gun, prompting Session to draw his own weapon, activating the camera. 

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