Florida Man Takes Alligator On Beer Run, Chaos Ensues

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Only in Florida can you find a man trying to pay for McDonalds with marijuana. Or how about a man that yells to Children that Santa Claus isn’t real at a packed mall? Or what about the time a woman farted in line at a dollar store, the man behind her complained and she pulled a knife on him? Sounds about right, because this article is about the Florida man that takes an Alligator on a beer run.

Just when you think things  can’t get any stranger in the great state of Florida, some dumb ass says “hold my beer”.

Robbie Stratton did just that. Robbie went on a not so usual beer run when he burst into the convenience store with a 5 foot alligator in hand. He shouted a question at the cashier “Are you guys out of beer?” before running up and down the isles of the store and then to the freezer for cases of beer.

We asked Mr. Stratton if he was under the influence of alcohol, and he said “I wasn’t a little intoxicated, I was massively intoxicated. I do not remember a thing about that night!” There is no telling what else went on this night or what happened to the 5 foot alligator.

Keep it up Florida, you guys are awesome and we love when this sort of shit happens!

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