Georgia Man Arrested For Assault Because Someone Ate His Pork Chop At A Family BBQ

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Mug shot of Terry Ball at the Athens-Clarke county police department.
Back in the clink: Terry Ball, 29, of Athens, Georgia, was arrested on May 10 for allegedly getting into a fight with his family over a pork chop – three months after throwing one at his mother 

Meet Terry Ball. He’s the crazed Georgia man who got into a family altercation and was arrested for assault because someone ate his pork chop at the family BBQ. It all started back in February when Ball was arrested for a separate incident. It also involved a pork chop, lol. This guy got mad at his own mother because she wouldn’t buy him cigarettes. So, what did he do? He threw a pork chop at her and then headbutted her. She’s 60 years old.

Fast forward to May 2020, and Terry is again in jail because of a pork chop. Apparently at a family BBQ, someone wanted to mess with Terry and play a harmless prank on the man, so they ate his pork chop. This didn’t sit well with ol’ Terry. He went ballistic and started trying to fight members of his family. Mrs. Ball (Terry’s mother) called police to the 100th block of Simmons Street in Athens Georgia. According to police reports, when the officers arrived on the scene, they found kitchen utensils scattered everywhere.

This isn’t the first time Ball has been arrested. He had previously been sentenced to 12 months for punching a random person in the face for no apparent reason while he was intoxicated. This is not the type of man to be stealing yummy Pork Chops from. I’m not saying what he did was right, but he wasn’t exactly wrong either. I wonder what would happen if Terry hung out with the 5 year old who stole his parents car to go and buy a Lamborghini.

Ball was arrested in February on a charge of simple assault in connection to the attack on his mother 
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