“ICE COLD BEER” Sign Gets The Local Police Departments Attention

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Credit: Brigham Police Department

An 11 year old in Utah has gotten the polices attention by advertising for his refreshment stand

Ice cold beer is great during the summer. Seth Parker knew this. Also, not only is Summer time is the perfect time for pre-teen and teenagers to sleep in late, but also the time to make a little money. For example, they could mow lawns, recycle or create a lemonade stand.

That is exactly what Utah native Seth Parker decided to do. However, Seths idea was not only a little risky, but brilliant at the same time. Seth created two large poster board signs for his stand. After all, what is a good concession stand without some great advertising?

Seth’s sign attached to his little stand read: “Wanna Cold 1!?” with I.B.C underneath. Corrispondingly the IBC stands for Independent Brewing Company and is owned by Dr. Pepper. They specialize in mainly two products, Root Beer and Cream Soda. The second sign and his best sign, read: “ICE COLD BEER”. The word “Root” was small but readable, directly above “BEER”. This makes it 100% legal. Seth is a genius.

Ice Cold Beer And The Police

Citizens of the neighborhood quickly took notice to Seth and his poster board that read “ICE COLD BEER”. You can imagine the concern of some parents who witnessed this younger child with a sign. As a result, they called the police and several officers were dispatched. Once the officers arrived and realized what was going on, they decided to purchase a few of Seth’s Ice Cold Beers and congratulate him.

What Seth is doing isn’t illegal at all, it’s actually brilliant. In other words, he got the police sent to his location, then sold them on his product.

Had this been in Ohio and had it been real beer, Seth would have sold out in a matter of minutes. Notably to Del Hall, the man who lost 34 pounds by drinking only beer.

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