No Mask? No Problem! A Man Was Spotted Using Knickers as His Face Mask

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With the current global health crisis that is happening today, one of the biggest changes in everyone’s lives is the use of masks wherever they go. A face mask serves as a simple armor because it prevents the risk of getting the virus. However, there is one man in Ireland that was spotted using a funny face mask. It’s not quite what you’d expect to see when in a public place. Why is it so darn funny? Keep reading.

One Passenger Can’t Stop Laughing When She Saw a Man Wearing a Funny Face Mask

ireland news funny face mask
Source: Twitter

An unnamed Dublin man has gone viral when a passenger took a photo of him wearing knickers as a face mask. The passenger, Cian Brady, took to Twitter his discovery while he was riding a train from Dublin to Howth one Thursday evening. He captioned his post with “Why bother wearing a face mask when a pair of your Ma’s knickers does the job.” He also added laughing face emojis, probably showing how he looked like when he first saw the Dublin man. His tweet now has over 400 likes and some comments from equally amused online netizens.

We can’t help but wonder. Did the man really get the light blue lady’s undergarments from his family or girlfriend? Judging from the situation, the man probably has no regular mask, so that’s why he settled with this funny face mask. Still, we got to give it to him! He still managed to find an improvised mask to help him from the potential spread of COVID-19.

The Man With the Funny Face Mask Didn’t Seem Too Bothered

ireland man wearing underwear mask
Source: Twitter

The Dublin man probably thought, “Damn, I don’t have any mask left. You know what, I’ll just wear knickers. Even if somebody sees me wearing one, they won’t know my identity anyway.”

According to the person who took the photo, nobody actually said anything to the man wearing knickers as a funny face mask. In fact, he was probably the only person to notice that he was wearing it on his face. This is what prompted him to sneakily take a photo and post it on the internet.

He also added, “I couldn’t stop laughing under my own mask, I thought he was having me on.”

In Ireland, face coverings on public transport are deemed mandatory. No one can go around the place without a mask on their face for safety reasons. Dr. Ronan Glynn, Acting Chief Medical Officer of the Department of Health said that all visitors to healthcare settings including hospitals, GP practices, and pharmacies, should wear face coverings. This comes after the recent cases were found to be directly or indirectly related to travel.

The Department of Health stressed that the public should continue to follow their health advice because COVID-19 is extremely infectious and no one is immune to it.

The Tip Is to Treat Your Mask Like an Underwear

In this scenario, the Dublin man took the hygiene tip quite literally.

If you want to stay ultra-safe, you should assume your mask is like underwear. Bruce Thompson from the Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne gave a helpful reminder to everyone not to “fiddle with it in the middle of public.” You also should not share it with anyone else. Your mask is yours alone because it is like your underwear.

According to Thompson, the concept of “taking your underwear off in public and putting them on a kitchen bench is horrible.” That’s what most of us are probably doing nowadays, but we all know we should stop doing it. Of course, when you are eating, you’d need to remove it. However, you should just wrap a clean napkin around it to make sure it doesn’t get the dirt or virus from other high-touch surfaces.

If you are wearing a cloth mask, you should also wash it regularly. Why? This follows the logic that you don’t want to wear the same pair of dirty underwear all week. In fact, the ideal number of masks you should have is between six to 12 masks.

If you would wear the same pair of dirty underwear all week, please reassess your life.

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