Police K-9 bites cow, Officer tases K-9, Cow kicks officer

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On Wednesday the 25th, a deputy was called to the scene of a potential burglary in progress. The first officer on the scene was with the K-9 unit. Also, it’s worthy to mention this was on a small rural farm that had cows, chickens, horses and farm shit. What unfolded next is unreal. The police k-9 bites a cow, the officer tases the k-9, then the cow kicks the officer.

According to the Georgetown County Sheriffs office, the incident took place at 4pm. When arriving at the scene, the K-9 dog immediately went after one cow in particular. The police K-9 German Shepherd bit and latched onto the leg of a cow and would not let go. The officer drew his taser and used it on his own dog to hopefully get the dog to let go. When this happened, the cow got startled and kicked the deputy in the chest.

It actually gets crazier. Not only did the cow kick the deputy, but also went a little crazy and ran over the property owner as well. Luckily for the police officer, the dog and the property owner, the injuries were minor. Remember the story about the Florida man that took an alligator on a beer run? Yea this is crazier. I bet the police k-9 animals in the future will think twice they bites a cow.

The burglary call proved unfounded. There wasn’t even a burglary on the property at all. We couldn’t make this shit up if we tried. Credit of this story goes to WSPA 7 News.

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