Shocker: Kim Jong Un Can’t Bend Space and Time, Says North Korean Regime

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If there’s one thing that sounds absolutely crazy, yet you believe it is still possible, it’s probably the act of bending space and time. While it’s a super cool superpower we all would love (don’t deny it!), it’s probably best if you just leave it to Doctor Strange at this point in time. The North Korean regime just denied that Kim Jong Un is capable of the said mystical power. Color me surprised. We’ll ask the question anyway, can you believe it?

The ‘Distance-Shrinking Magic’ Power of the Kim Family is One of the Many Myths in the Hermit Kingdom

Chukjibeop, or when translated to English, “distance-shrinking magic” literally pertains to the ability to move towards a different spot in an instant. It is one of the many myths in North Korea that is used to “deify the reclusive dictator and former leader Kim Jong Il.”

Just last week, the Rodong Sinmun newspaper denied that the supreme leader’s family are masters of such mystical power. Apparently, Kim Jong Un can’t just magically bend space and time, or just teleport to wherever he pleases. It’s a bummer, huh? Here’s what we think. He’s not the only one in power who wishes to possess this distance-shrinking magic. It will surely come in handy.

But No.. Kim Jong Un Does Not Possess This Superpower

This revelation comes after the country’s continued efforts to take an approach that humanizes the dictator, according to analysts. In fact, according to Telegraph, one official from South Korea’s unification ministry pointed out that the rogue regime’s path of demystification is “noteworthy.” Why is that exactly?

If you’ve been following the news, Kim Jong Un failed to reach an agreement in a second summit with President Donald Trump last year. Since then, he has focused on showing the public his “human side,” even urging his constituents to stay away from the mystification of their leader. He was quoted saying in state media that “Mystifying a leader’s revolutionary activity and appearance would result in covering the truth.” His words and actions are proving to be effective ways to gain the international community’s trust.

One of the most popular story of the Kim dynasty’s supposed “god-like abilities” is about how they are part of the “Mount Paektu bloodline.” Mount Paektu is said to be the most sacred spot on the peninsula for all Koreans. This is where its spiritual founder, Dangun, son of a god and a bear, was said to have been born back in 2333 B.C. Basically, it’s just the key to the birth of Korea.

Kim Jong Un is claimed to have climbed to the summit of this sacred mountain at least twice, and he is often pictured wearing a long coat and shiny dress shoes. North Koreans believe that Kim Jong Il was born on that mountain. The experts say that the Kim family’s strategy of tying themselves to the creation of Korea is why many of their constituents believe they are actual gods. And of course, they’re feeding them the idea that they should indeed rule over the entire country.

The Leader: Absent No More

Earlier this month, the North Korea leader made his first public appearance after 20 days of absence, which led to heated rumors about his health condition. There were some reports in April that said he had undergone heart surgery. If that’s not enough, there was also news of that surgery ending badly, and that he was already in a vegetative state. Some outlets even reported that he had died. However outrageous these speculations might be, these certainly spread like wildfire.

Well, the rumors of Kim Jong Un’s true whereabouts died when he showed up for a ribbon-cutting event to open a new fertilizer factory on May 1. He looks perfectly healthy and even has a grin on his face.

The international community always tries to keep Kim Jong Un under the radar due to his absolute power over North Korea’s 25.5 million people. North Korea is known for its growing arsenal of nuclear weapons. Naturally, the leader’s health and whereabouts and health issues may provide insights on signs of instability.

To this day, Kim Jong Un still has limited public appearances. It may be just due to precautions in the face of the global health crisis. But for all we know, maybe he just teleported to a secret mansion for some peace and quiet. Seriously, he probably one. Don’t you agree we all deserve that?

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