Supermarket Manager blasts hoarder who wanted refund on 5,000 rolls of TP and 150 liters of sanitizer [VIDEO]

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Drakes supermarket manager blasts hoarder for wanting a refund on toilet paper.

When the whole Coronavirus pandemic started, a lot of people freaked out and went out and bought everything they could. This included, for reasons we don’t know, toilet paper. Now, hand santizer we can understand, because you want to sanitize things…But toilet paper? Anyways, a supermarket manager blasts a hoarder who wanted a refund on 5,000 rolls of toilet paper and 150 liters of sanitizer and it’s awesome.

Now that we are over a month into this pandemic, these hoarders are realizing that they don’t actually need this much toilet paper. A lot of them are trying to mark up the prices and sell it online, but are unable to. Some of them are even trying to discount it a little, but who the hell wants to buy toilet paper from some dude online? We actually did the math on toilet paper, and here is how many craps you can take with one case of toilet paper.

So here we go. A supermarket manager in Australia at “Drakes” got into it with a customer who literally wanted a refund on 5,000 rolls of toilet paper and 150 liters of sanitizer. Now keep in mind, this happened before stores started limiting how much customers could purchase. This was done at the very beginning of the pandemic, when things were crazy. The manager states that when the customer asked for a refund on the items, he gave him a refund, his middle finger. This manager seriously gave the bird to a customer who hoarded toilet paper and was probably one of the reasons we all got into this giant mess. This dude is a bad ass.

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