The fat kid from “Remember the Titans” is absolutely jacked now.

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Ethan Suplee aka Louie Lastik then and now.

Remember the fat kid “Louie Lastik” aka Ethan Suplee from remember the Titans? If you saw him in person you wouldn’t be able to recognize him. That’s because he’s been busting his ass in the gym. As a result, he’s gone from giant fat ass to a bearded jacked monster. If you still aren’t familiar with who we are talking about, check out the short clip below from “Remember The Titans”.

Up until 2011, Ethan Suplee was cast to play roles as the token fat guy. Remember the movie American History X starring Edward Norton? Ethan played the racist skinhead character Seth Ryan and was one of Edward Nortons closest friends. What about the movie involving Cocaine, called “Blow”. It starred Johnny Depp. Ethan played his fat friend “Tuna” in that movie.

After 2011 Ethan no longer wanted to be “the fat guy” casted in movies. Because of this, he hit the gym, and hit it hard. He lost over 200 pounds that year. As a matter of fact, he’s turned a lot of that fat into muscle. Props to Ethan Suplee aka Louie Lastik aka Tuna aka Seth Ryan.

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