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These Illusion Decals Will Hide Your Garage Behind Some Amazing Things

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A lot of men work on home improvement and DIY projects to keep their home more functional, and their wives happy. But don’t you think a lot of projects are getting too old now? I mean, a bike hanger, a lumber rack? Yes, that’s nice, but that won’t really make passersby give your home a second look and say, “Oh wow, that’s awesome.” Bring the illusion to your home with garage decals instead. It will make your home a million times more interesting!

Slap These Garage Decals To Your Door and Make Your House Look Cool!

Who cares if you have an old, beaten car inside your garage? It won’t really matter as long as you have something impressive to show outside. Having a car wash of badass rides by hot chicks is a good idea. But if you don’t know where you can possibly find a hot chick, let alone a badass ride, then these cool garage decals are your saving grace.

It gives the illusion that the person who owns the garage has an airplane, a dump truck, a tiger, or even a hot sportscar inside! It’s totally cool!

Choose The Style You Like

Do you want a jaguar?

How about a maserati?

You won’t be able to say no to this awesome Bentley garage decal.

You can always choose a military offroader.

Or if you really want to level up, you can turn your garage into a hangar. Nobody will know the truth.

Well, as long as you don’t go overboard by putting a space ship in there. You know, with all the recent UFO sightings and all.

There’s also one design from the garage decals that lets anyone who sees it think it’s flooding. It’s not exactly a good joke, but maybe for April Fool’s? Nah.

Let your garage be the doorway to a mountain panorama.

Santorini doesn’t look bad, too.

For something more family friendly, you can choose between this field of tulips and a ski chalet.

These awesome garage decals are similar to truck tarpaulins, but made from an exclusive material that is rip-proof. It can also be easily cut without damaging your garage door. Plus, these are easy to install. You only need a Velcro tape and you’re good to go. Style Your Garage also has door billboards, wall stickers and balcony banners. So, you can just pick whatever it is that would make your home cooler. SWEET!

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