This Guy Left a Poo on His Date’s Bed and Asks for Help From His Friend

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Everyone has probably experienced embarrassing dates at some point in their lives. After all, it’s only a matter of time before your foolish side is revealed to your potential partner. However, this guy caught himself in a bind when he woke up to find some very embarrassing (and gross) marks on his date’s bedsheets. He sent his friend an SOS text, but it has gone viral ever since.

So, This Man Stayed at His Date’s House After a Wonderful Night Together

The man, only known as Kevin, stayed overnight at his date’s house and was horrified when he found embarrassing marks on her beddings. By embarrassing, we don’t mean wine or ketchup stains, we’re talking about poop! Yikes. The man was worried because his date might discover it, so he texted his friend Levi to get some advice. His friend can’t help but laugh and share the hilarious text on Twitter.

When Kevin explained the situation to his pal Levi, he said that he must have not wiped his bum properly because there are noticeable poop stains on his date’s bedsheets. As a reply, Levi told him, “I’d get out and delete her off everything.” Then, Kevin sent over a photo of the poop on the bedsheets. According to the guy who was embarrassed like crazy, he was unable to move his leg because his leg was covering the stain (and probably the smell) of the poop.

We Hope This Will Be the First and Last of Kevin’s Embarrassing Dates

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Source: Twitter

In a later update, Levi shared that his pal said the smell was starting to become noticeable, and he might have to make an escape soon. Well, that’s what we’d all do, right? No matter what you do in this situation, it’s just so embarrassing. We’ll probably wish for the ground to swallow us whole right there and then.

According to Mirror, Kevin flipped the bedsheets when his date left the room. He also spilled some beer on the area for good measure. We just hope that did the trick in removing the smell of the poop. After that, he made his escape, and it was also revealed that they haven’t spoken since that incident. Maybe it’s because of the poop stain, but maybe it’s because of the getaway. Who knows? It could be both. We just can’t imagine the look on the woman’s face when she smells the stain and discovers that it is indeed poop!

Kevin apparently ate burgers and chips and drank 1 liter of Hennessy the night before. That probably explains why his stomach acted up.

The gross incident and one of the most unforgettable and embarrassing dates ever got more than 26,000 likes. It has been shared almost 3,000 times on Twitter.

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