This Man Makes Badass Fire Pits Perfect for the Biggest Star Wars Fans

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Barbeque parties are indeed a fun way to bring your family or friends together. You can just relax and chill while munching on delicious fall-off-the-bone ribs, and downing it with a cold beer. But however fun your party might be, don’t you just want to catch the attention of everyone with something cool? We’re not talking about the newest movies. We’re talking about these totally insane and cool fire pits that would cause anyone (not just the biggest Star Wars fans) to geek out!

Take Your Geeky Bonfire Pit to the Next Level

Enter Michael Finney, the man behind the cool fire pits that take the shape of the single-pilot vehicles that symbolize the Imperial fleet. He made cool fire pits, or in this case, Tie Fighter pits that look exactly like the ones from Star Wars! Finney handcrafted everything using a metal fabricator, and you’ll just be in awe of how insane it looks. He is definitely one talented man.

Look at this artist’s creation:

Don’t you think you’ll be having a killer barbecue party with these around? You have a perfectly solid line of defense in your own backyard. Not to mention, it won’t keep you from enjoying your yummy ribs, too.

There are a bunch of TIEs in the films, so understandably, there’s an awful lot of variants for Finney to complete. He’s already created a standard Tie Fighter, Tie X2 Fighter, and a Tie Interceptor. But we sure hope he can create a big new collection. A lot of people are waiting for it. It’s also good business! We know a lot of Star Wars fans would definitely love to get their hands on such cool fire pits. Heck, even a kid who has yet to explore the wonderful world of the epic space-themed film would love this. And we’re not exaggerating.

tie fighter fire pits cool
Source: Instagram

So how do you use these fire pits? It’s easy. Just load in wood through the top opening, then light it through the front viewport of the ship. Once there’s fire, you can just put a grilling grate on top and work on your delicious meat that will be the second-best thing in your barbecue party.

Tie Fighters are Not the Only Cool Fire Pits Made by This Talented Man!

Can you believe that you’ll get the chance to warm up the droid? Just look at this R2-D2 fire pit. It’s totally rad! These are totally the things you never knew you needed until now.

And of course, there’s also a Darth Vader one! As the disciple of the dark side would say it, “You don’t know the power of the (dark side) insane fire pit!” Can you believe that this was Finney’s first creation? Now, that’s just amazing.

cool fire pits star wars themed
Source: Instagram

Here’s another one. Look at the C3PO that looks so real. Come on, bring this guy to life, and we’re good! If you have this sculpture, you can just start your own collection and be on your way to making your other Star Wars friends jealous. That’s what we’d do.

We’ve already shown you the photos. Now, look at Michael Finney’s process on the BB8. This video doesn’t exactly show you the process of creating the cool Tie Fighter fire pit, but just look at BB8. It’s being sculpted to perfection. A lot of work was put into making sure this comes out beautiful.

Some of Finney’s steel creations include a Mandalorian helmet, Death Star, and even Baby Yoda. But if you ask us, we definitely like the cool Tie Fighter fire pits the best. They really shine, and it’s something you’d definitely remember (and wish you had) for a long time.

What do you think of these cool fire pits? Don’t you just want to request or purchase one from this amazing guy? We guarantee you, if you get one in your backyard, we’re sure you can throw the most amazing (and probably most talked about) barbecue party in your neighborhood. Soon, a lot of people will come knocking on your door, asking if they can take a peek at the “awesome Tie Fighter Gary saw here yesterday.”

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