This Murder Hornet Got Lured Inside the Hive and Was Killed by Bees in a Brutal yet Satisfying Way (VIDEO)

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Murder hornets are dangerous insects known for crawling into hives and ripping off the heads of the bees in large numbers. Like a rogue nation bent on attacking another land, they conduct mass attacks on nests of honeybees, threatening not just the latter insects, but also agriculture. This is why when this video emerged, one can’t help but feel quite relieved. Look at this viral “bees kill a murder hornet” video:

It’s a Trap: Bees Kill a Murder Hornet by Ganging Up on Him

The video shows a hornet crawling inside a hive. When the hornet caught and killed a bee, the other bees instinctively ganged up on him, determined to take him down. The narrator explains, “Surrounded by vibrating bodies, the hornet at the core of the bee ball begins to overheat.” This gives the bees an advantage, and they finally roast the aggressor alive at 46 degrees Celcius.

Why Are Murder Hornets Scary?

The murder hornets just set foot in the United States. Many scientists warn that unless they are eliminated in the next couple of years, then they could spread in North America and become permanently established. Yikes!

They are small, but they’re incredibly vicious. Asian giant hornets use mandibles shaped like spiked shark fins to annihilate a honeybee hive in a matter of hours. They also have potent venom and stinger that can puncture a beekeeping suit. Now we need more “bees kill a murder hornet” videos!

Bees kill murder hornet United States problem
Source: Youtube

A beekeeper named Conrad Bérubé in Nanaimo set off to kill the hornets in their nest. But when he awakened the colony, he got attacked instead. He said that the stings felt like red-hot thumbtacks being driven into the flesh.

In fact, group attacks of murder hornets would expose their victims to a big dose of toxic venom which is equivalent to that of a venomous snake.

Well, we just hope to see more “bees kill murder hornet” stories before these aggressive insects terrorize our land.

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