Top 10 Gadgets Every Man in His 20s or 30s Should Own

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In this technologically-driven world, you can say that there’s probably a gadget or innovation for every single thing we are doing. Whether it’s a gadget to track your exercise and running activities or grab a ride, we’re pretty sure there’s already one available in the market. And why wouldn’t there be? Every technology company these days is just so crazy about selling the “next big thing.” But in a crowded market, you need to know what kind of gadgets are exactly are needed to make your life better. Take a look at our list of gadgets a man should have!

Top 10 Gadgets Every Man in His 20s or 30s Should Own

1. Smartphone

Smartphone New 2020
Source: Toms Guide

We’ll be frank. This is not just one of the gadgets a man should have. This is the one thing any person in this world can’t live without, and it’s not an exaggeration! Whether you are a sucker for iPhones or Android phones, take your pick and just use it anytime. These days, you can choose from a variety of colors and sizes. You’re also getting your money’s worth because you can enjoy bigger screens, more internal storage, night-vision camera, 5G, and more. If you’re the outdoorsy type, you can even opt for a water-resistant and ultra-tough phone. There’s just so many smartphones with loads of modern technology built-right-into it. So the only thing that’s left for you to do is to review what you like, see if it’s the most compatible for you, and determine if the phone is within budget. After that, you can be on your way to the store to buy one.

2. Smart Watch or Fitness Tracker

fitness tracker 2020
Source: PC Mag

Train more effectively with the help of a smart watch or a fitness tracker. If you’re in your 20s or 30s, you need to embrace a healthier lifestyle. If you’re not really the gym rat type, what better way to stay motivated to work out than being equipped with an expensive smart watch? That’s right. After all, you will want to get your money’s worth! But it’s not at all bad. The smart watch will help you figure out if you’re getting really exercising enough every day to be healthy. It is also a great measurement of your progress and can determine what really works well for you.

3. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

noise cancelling headphones gadgets a man should have
Source: Sony

Sometimes, all you need to do to de-stress is to enjoy some peace and quiet. If you really want some quiet, maybe noise-canceling headphones are worth trying. These are one of the essential gadgets a man should have because it helps you listen to your music in total peace, or slip you into a state of pure quiet. You will want this if you’re focused on work and you want to get tasks done because you won’t have time to entertain distractions. This gadget can really tune out the unwanted sounds in your setting and also make music sound better than your regular headphones.

4. Portable Charger

portable charger powerbanks
Source: PC Mag

The modern man is always on the go, always busy, and always thinking about the tasks he needs to finish. The worst enemy for the modern man is realizing the phone battery is dead. And what should you do if your phone is on its last bar? Charge it! Good thing the world now enjoys some portable chargers because it’s a complete lifesaver. You can easily pack it in your bag, then take it out if you need to charge a device.

5. Phone Car Mount

phone car mount
Source: AliExpress

Do yourself a favor and get yourself a phone car mount so you can easily take your calls on the car. And if you need to make a quick reply to a text, this will also help. Of course, you should only do that when you’re not driving and you’re on stop. You can easily find a phone car mount in any technology store. These days, they sell one that has a full 360-degree rotation, and also easy-to-install. This will also be particularly useful if you usually rely on Google Maps or other navigation apps to get around town.

6. Paper Tablet

remarkable paper tablet
Source: Remarkable

You may think that some things are better left analog, but if you have a gadget as incredible as the paper tablet, this will change your mind. There is a paper tablet with an ink display that mimics the actual experience of writing and taking notes. It’s just like doodling on real paper, except you have all the extra benefits of a mobile device and large digital storage. Men will surely love this!

7. Bluetooth Speaker

bluetooth speakers 2020
Source: Bose

Back in the days, you need to set up a whole sound system if you want to fill the whole room or space with music. This is exactly why the Bluetooth speaker is a game-changer. You can just bring it anywhere you go and use it when playing your music or movies. It doesn’t take too much space, and it’s easy to use. Plus, you won’t have to spend so much unlike when you’re getting equipped with a normal stereo system. Why is this one of the gadgets a man should have? Let’s just say music is important, and you should be able to listen or dance to it wherever you are.

Just find the best Bluetooth speaker that fits your budget. You can even get one that doesn’t get damaged even if it’s covered in dust or sand, or when you spill a drink on it.

8. Lightweight Laptop

lightweight laptop for modern man
Source: PC Mag

Get work done without the hassle of using a big and bulky computer. You can get everything done even with a lightweight laptop. In fact, it’s all you’ll ever need. Laptops nowadays are often sturdy, and has a big storage. There are even laptops designed to run optimally on LTE data for when you are on the move or laptops with incredible processor performance. Lightweight and travel-friendly? That’s my kind of gadget! If you’re keen, you can choose a laptop with long battery life.

9. Overlander GPS System

Do you frequent off-grid adventures? Then you better get yourself an overlander GPS system, pronto! It’s useful if you’re suddenly behind the wheel of a 4×4 SUV, and you need help with navigation. This one is super tough and can swap between GPS and topographic mapping at the push of a button. It will even show you a suite of onboard sensors such as a barometer, altimeter, and even a pitch and roll detector. Isn’t it sweet?

10. Short Throw Projector

cool projectors gadgets a man should have
Source: Optoma

The modern man grew in the age of televisions, so you may think it’s one of the essential gadgets a man should have. But just because you enjoyed watching lots of fun shows on the television doesn’t mean it’s the best investment now. Why don’t you try and buy a short-throw projector? If you have a pretty clean and decent wall, this gadget is all you need. The image output and projection size will surprise you, and some devices even have an integrated Dolby soundbar. A simple alignment can easily be managed by your smartphone.

Which among these gadgets is your favorite?

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