Worlds Most Powerful Mini-Cannon Shoots 9mm Ball Bearings And It’s POWERFUL

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So there is this engineer on YouTube who creates crazy stuff to show how fun Science and Engineering can be. One of the things he created is the worlds most powerful mini-cannon that shoots 9mm ball bearings.

The mini-cannon is powered by black powder and the steel 9mm ball bearings are loaded into each chamber like you would a typical black powder / musket type device. A fuse is then added to the back part of each chamber attached with some putty. This is a very simple design but the beauty of the device is the quality and craftsmanship. Remember when we wrote about the guy who tracked down known pedophiles and beat them senseless? Wonder what he could do with this…

To test the power, the creator first shoots an old Nokia phone which we all know can survive a nuclear blast with the worlds most powerful mini-cannon 9mm. However, the Nokia phone is no match for the worlds most powerful mini-cannon. The next test uses a solid wood piece and then after that more cell phones. I wish the creator had used a phone book so we could see how strong this device really is.

Regardless, to custom hand build this device and have it work and be as powerful as it is, is a feat in and of itself. Check out some of his other cool scientific and engineering videos here.

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